Product & Design for
climate-focused companies.

Fractional Product Management, Product Design, CRO, and Strategy for ambitious organisations solving climate change.

Your digital swiss army knife.

Lighthouse is the product & design practice of Trevor Hinkle & friends. Companies solving climate change come to me because I share their passion for impact and cut my teeth building climate tech products and companies. Here's what I can do for you:

Fractional/Interim Product Leadership and Coaching

I'll help establish your product management function from the ground up, or augment and coach your team to develop a deeper org-wide product competency. I've held every role in a digital product team and run teams in a variety of different contexts.

Product Design and Conversion Rate Optimisation

For when you need a design partner with subject matter expertise and a focus on business impact. From carbon accounting apps and data tools to sustainable fashion brand websites and landing pages, I've designed, built, and optimised digital products across a range of different sustainability fields.

Qualitiatve & quantitiave research

Design and product development without research is gambling without knowing the odds. From user testing to analytics analysis, I use a variety of research techniques to help you make informed bets.

Advisory & Strategy

My value add for clients rarely ends with design. Having run businesses and product teams myself, I can help establish rituals and key processes, run strategy and product roadmap workshops, and assist with hiring and fundraising.

Kind words from our partners

I've been lucky enough to work with cutting-edge startups, innovative scaleups and corporates, and impactful non-profits.

Trevor's impact was transformational. He spotted and addressed inefficiencies in the team almost immediately, aligning us to a single product focus, and gave our team clear KPIs and a product vision for the team to work towards.

Scott Johnson


A designer like Trevor, with his enthusiasm for working on hard problems and skill in communicating both internally and externally, is an invaluable resource for any team.

McGee Young


About Trevor

I'm a product and design consultant with an academic and industry background in climate. My passion for impact and solving complex, systemic problems brought me to climate change 10 years ago, and I haven't looked back. In the past, I built and managed product teams, ran 7-figure growth programmes, launched and scaled businesses, managed P&Ls, and worked in the trenches with founders building high-quality companies.

Some organisations I've worked with: Google, Oxford University, Canon, PwC, Boston Consulting Group, Xero Shoes, Schneider Electric, European Commission, Accenture